Demo-ing the Panasonic AF-100

by heather on April 20, 2011

Just got a demo of the Panasonic AF-100 yesterday.

Have only had a chance to do a couple of quick test shots in the office, but so far I like it.

The balance of this more “boxy” design with a nice lens on the front, as well as the “old-school” placements of some of the dials and buttons, will take a bit of getting (re)used to.

And a good follow-focus system would probably be a good investment as well.

But I really like that functionality which seems to blend new-school with old-school: the digital, HD images, balanced with the use of a good lens and an easy-access shutter-speed dial, that doesn’t require a clunky film-adapter to get any degree of depth in my images.

(Heck, after using some of the newer digital cams for a few years, I was pleased to even see a filter wheel on the front of the cam. Nice.)

This isn’t a run-and-gun camera for me. But it’s also not a camera to be reserved on the shelf for high-dollar clients.

There is a lot of potential for interviews, segment cut-aways, and other scenes that really look best with some depth.

I think this camera, with its capabilities as well as its price-point, is going to bring a lot of options to smaller and medium agencies.

**Full-disclosure that I’m not a fan of the ergonomics of the video DSLRs. But that’s just me**

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